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Braving The Future

Braving The Future

Environmental science teacher balances her school, home and business life during the pandemic
Shelby Hansen February 2, 2021

In a corner of north Fort Worth sits a small house. The lawn is enormous, and the fence wraps around to feature a greenhouse, pool, and tire swing worn with love. Laughs come from inside the house as a...

Thirsty For The Win

Thirsty For The Win

Varsity volleyball out for blood
Shelby Hansen November 13, 2020

After a two-week quarantine due to COVID-19 contact, the varsity volleyball team won 8-5 against Arlington Heights on Nov. 3, raising their undefeated season record to 7-0. This win, along with their undefeated...

AP Seminar Gets The Spotlight: Research in The Millennium

AP Seminar Gets The Spotlight: Research in The Millennium

Travis Flippo, Alli Exley, and Shelby Hansen January 23, 2020

Seminar students Jordan Kankam and Mariah Carter share their experiences with the AP Seminar course.

J.R. shows off his YouTube channel J.R.s car reviews.

J.R’s dashboard

Student with successful YouTube channel
Kenneth Montano, Writer January 14, 2020

Senior J.R Hall, the creator of YouTube channel, J.R. 's Car Reviews. The channel has gained a total view count of 1 million and growing. His love of cars seems to go farther beyond his YouTube channel....

Hearings dominating country

Hearings dominating country

Impeachment inquiry starts hearings for the House of Representatives
Shelby Hansen December 4, 2019

In the anticipation of the upcoming 2020 presidential election, a new situation has come to light regarding Donald Trump’s presidency. During a time where the economy is booming, the rivalry between...

Ford V. Ferrari Races Into a Photo Finish

Star-studded and well written, Ford V. Ferrari rolls into first place at the box office.
Travis Flippo, Writer, Auto Enthusiast November 22, 2019

On November 15, the new James Mangold film (director of Walk The Line, 3:10 to Yuma, and Logan) was released to very positive reviews. Ford V. Ferrari is about the racing duel between automobile magnate...

When bullies win, depression begins

When bullies win, depression begins

What is bullying, how does it affect others, and what can you do about it
Kayla, Writer November 15, 2019

Though National Bullying Prevention Month is in October, bullying is a phenomenon that happens, unfortunately, daily. The act of bullying happens far too often, and one in four children and teens in the...

Administrators and school board officials line up by Ric Canterbury before cutting the ribbon on the field.

Same field, different name

District names the stadium's field after former principal
Shelby Hansen November 6, 2019

On the night of the homecoming carnival, commotion and energy filled the back side of the field house. As booths were set up, another event was going on by the stadium: the renaming ceremony of the stadium’s...

RRW poster spotted at Gilliland Elementary warning the students of the dangers of wearing pajamas to school

Your Brain on Red Ribbon Week

Travis Flippo, Gonzo Journalist November 6, 2019

Across the Americas, kids everywhere are led into their beliefs of obedience with a nationwide celebration of Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a weeklong awareness program set in October every year...

Open for business?

Open for business?

As new businesses open on Blue Mound, should students be allowed to leave campus for lunch?
Shelby Hansen October 31, 2019

Since the school opened, students have not been able to leave campus for lunch. This is for a variety of reasons such as student safety and security, lack of student responsibility and possibility of skipping...

College Application

Breakdown to avoid the breakdown

College Application: What you need to succeed
Kayla, Writer October 24, 2019

The Breakdown. It is time to start breaking down the steps and checking off the list to completing college applications. The importance the breakdown is to inform students of how the process works, how...

The Garbage Day That Never Comes

The Garbage Day That Never Comes

China’s Recycling Embargo Trashes U.S. Domestic Paper Processing
Travis Flippo, Writer October 17, 2019

In the wake of China’s embargo on accepting recycling from foreign nations, the United States has since gained another crisis on her plate. The embargo began in January of 2018 and has led to an increase...

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