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Masking the Music

Senior Liv Copeland performs the National Anthem during a pep rally with the Vox choir.
How Choir and Band are Navigating the New Learning Environment
November 30, 2020

Since the school year begun, numerous measures have been taken to ensure a safe learning environment. Hand sanitizer stations are readily available and wiping down desks and chairs has become...

Homecoming Mums: A Lone Star Rooted Tradition

Alex Nguyen and other Floral Design students working on Homecoming Mums.
October 23, 2020

Despite all the bad during this year, students are staying optimistic for the upcoming Homecoming season. And even if the school might not have a Homecoming dance, there is one tradition students...

For The Love of Football

Senior Ja'kques Goff at the Saginaw Pep Rally (Cederick Kassi)
October 15, 2020
After a six month hiatus from football, getting back on the field means everything to players.

Human Trafficking on the Rise in the United States

Human Trafficking on the Rise in the United States
Texas is a hot spot for human trafficking.
October 4, 2020

 The percentiles have hit an all-time high in 2019, and in Texas alone, 1,080 cases of human trafficking and 2,720 suspected contacts were reported in 2019. Seven out of ten victims are female...

Isolation and Job Loss Lead to Mental Health Issues

Isolation and Job Loss Lead to Mental Health Issues
October 4, 2020
Students, however, are not only worried about their own health, but are worried more for the people they are close too.

AP Seminar Gets The Spotlight: Research in The Millennium

January 23, 2020

Seminar students Jordan Kankam and Mariah Carter share their experiences with the AP Seminar course.

J.R’s dashboard

J.R. shows off his YouTube channel J.R.'s car reviews.
Student with successful YouTube channel
January 14, 2020

Senior J.R Hall, the creator of YouTube channel, J.R. 's Car Reviews. The channel has gained a total view count of 1 million and growing. His love of cars seems to go farther beyond his YouTube channel....

When bullies win, depression begins

When bullies win, depression begins
What is bullying, how does it affect others, and what can you do about it
November 15, 2019

Though National Bullying Prevention Month is in October, bullying is a phenomenon that happens, unfortunately, daily. The act of bullying happens far too often, and one in four children and teens in the...

Breakdown to avoid the breakdown

College Application
College Application: What you need to succeed
October 24, 2019

The Breakdown. It is time to start breaking down the steps and checking off the list to completing college applications. The importance the breakdown is to inform students of how the process works, how...

Internet-working the way to nationals

Internet-working the way to nationals
Student advances to SkillsUSA finals
May 21, 2019

After winning first place in the SkillsUSA state competition for Internetworking, senior Mark Meza became eligible to advance to nationals. At this competition, Meza will compete against other state champions...

Clouding your mind

Clouding your mind
An in-depth look at the risks of vaping
February 18, 2019

A puff of smoke rises over the stall door. “Let me try,” a voice whispers as the flash drive disguised device is passed from hand to hand, the nicotine-infused vapor invading the lungs of underage...

Bennett’s Barky Bites

Bennett's Barky Bites
Teacher creates dog treat business
January 11, 2019

Denise Bennett, environmental science teacher, enlightens students on the sciences of the earth and life. Her room is often adorned with maps, animal posters, and plant life galore. And now Bennett is...

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