TYRON Album Review

TYRON Album Review

Landon Barron

‘TYRON’ is the second full-length commercial album by British songwriter, vocalist, and rapper known as Slowthai. Born in Northampton, United Kingdom, the artist often has some kind of controversy surrounding his name whether it be from his lyrics, public antics, or his performance with a plush severed head of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Hyundai Mercury Prize in 2019.

The album’s hype kicked off with singles such as “feel away” featuring Grammy award winning artist James Blake, and “CANCELLED” featuring fellow UK native rapper Skepta. The 14 track album is split into two parts. The listener is greeted with Slowthai’s more aggressive and grimy side, given a more raw feel to the first 7 tracks. Everything about the first half, whether it be the off-the-wall vocal inflections, the air cutting instrumentals, even the fully capitalized track titles, gives the audience a much more belligerent feel to the project.

The second half of this album couldn’t be any more different than it’s first half. It truly captures the 26 year old artist’s ability to convey emotion on a song, and presents a much more vulnerable Slowthai, in contrast to the Slowthai the audience got to know during the first 7 tracks. The subject matter consists of depression, finding you’re place in the world, and coming to terms with your own faults. As I said before, this side of the project is the polar opposite of the first side, all the way down to the fully lowercased track titles, and softer, easily digestible production.

Throughout the duration of the 35 minute long album, Slowthai is able to grab any listener’s attention, and not let go until the very end. My experience with this piece has been unlike any experience I’ve had with any other album. I recommend this album to anybody that feels their ears need something new, a breath of fresh air if you will.

Favorite song from the first half: VEX

Favorite song from the second half: feel away (featuring James Blake and Mount Kimbie)