Farming a Better Earth

The benefits of buying from a farmer’s market


Shelby Hansen

Farmer’s markets have recently become a thing of the present. As food prices and GMOs go up, and as the pandemic began to hurt small businesses, shoppers have begun to seek out small, family-owned businesses for their produce and hygiene products. Although farmer’s markets are usually set up in rural areas, there is one that is a mere 10 to 15 minutes away from Sb 

The Watauga Farmer’s Market is held every Sunday on Denton Highway. The vendors set up in the parking lot by World Market, Ross and Party City, and the market is held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Each week features a new schedule of vendors, but many of them are regulars and sell their products every market weekend.  

There are a variety of vendors that sell different products at the market, such as farm-fresh produce anethically raised meat. Others have products such as baked goods, dog treats, crocheted items, lotions and soaps, candles and jewelry. All of the vendors make their products and are considered small businesses. Additionally, the farmer’s market has a variety of food trucks that sell their food every week, allowing customers to have a fresh meal while they shop.  

Going to a farmer’s market helps these small businesses thrive. The pandemic has hurt the economy, and small businesses have been forced to close due to lack of sales and the increasing price of upkeep. However, supporting these small businesses, especially ones that only sell via farmer’s markets, can boost the economy while allowing customers to get ethical, non-GMO and non-artificial products. This way, the environment is being conserved and the health of consumers is improving along with the business of the vendors.