A Night to Remember


Landon Barron

     Despite the curve balls and left hooks the school year has thrown at students, Prom 2021 was a widely accepted success. A couple of friends and I attended via limo, and we arrived about 30 minutes into the actual event. Things started off pretty slow, but began to pick up once people took to the dance floor and got more comfortable with the environment.  

     The contents of venue had nice colorful lights, candle-lit tables, a bar with complementary drinks (non-alcoholic of course), and an upstairs balcony area for people to take group photos. The DJ set wasn’t meant for everyone of course, but anybody that was find able to keep a consistent beat seemed to have had a good time. The awards ceremony interlude that took place gave people a good break from the blaring music and dancing, and kept the mood for the night flowing nicely.