Side Gigs for Teens


Kenneth Montano

In today’s age many people seem to have a side hustle to make a bit of extra money, but what can a  teen do for a bit of extra cash?

Website (not sponsored)  is a great way for people just hitting eighteen to make a small business for a variety of activities. The most common ones are proofreading, writing essays, voice acting and making layouts for people on streaming services. This is great for teens because it allows them to set their own hours and work around their schedule. The only downsides are  the steep competition and making your first sales. 

The second option that is accessible to teens is website testing. Testing websites usually revolves around seeing if you can find certain things on a site and how you chose to minovery on the website. It’s also very flexible and easy to get into, but it varies from offer to offer.

Overall, having a side hustle has many perks, but remember it’s only meant to be a side hustle so don’t stress out.

Here are more websites to try that a great for making more currency.