Wonderfully Adequate – A WW84 Review

Maya Gasca

On Christmas Daymy family and I watched Wonder Woman 1984, which released on HBO Max that day. And I will just say… there were worse ways to spend a 2020 Christmas.  

Wonder Woman 1984 is about Wonder Woman, or Diana, living a low-profile life of fighting crime in the 1980s. This all changes with an ancient artifact that can grant any wish, which falls into the wrong hands of Maxwell Lord, a corrupt businessman, and Cheetah, a friend turned enemy. Thus, Diana must come out of hiding and save the world before it’s too late. 

I’ll start with the positives. For this movie, as well as the other previous Wonder Woman movie, background knowledge of DC comics isn’t required to watch and enjoy the movie. wasn’t even sure if the main villain was from the comics (he is), but the movie had proper introductions to their characters and world that it didn’t feel like I had to know about comics at all to get a handle on the story. 

Another good part of the movie was most of the acting. I felt that, for the most part, the actors and actresses were pulling off amazing performances. This is greatly illustrated by Pedro Pascal who plays the main villain, Maxwell Lord. His performance, to me, was the most powerful and emotional of the whole cast. 

Now for some critiques. The main issue I had for the movie was how convoluted it felt. The movie is about two and a half hours, and it definitely felt like it was that long. The previous Wonder Women movie had the same run-time as well, but the simplicity of the story didn’t make it feel like it dragged on. There were multiple times throughout the movie that I had to remember why certain scenes were happening, despite watching the movie from start to finish. I feel like this was because of the movie’s pacing. The movie felt like it was constantly juggling between Wonder Women, Maxwell Lord, and the Cheetah, making sure everything is laid out before the big climax. This is what, in large part, made the movie feel tiring by the end. 

Plus, there were numerous nitpicks I had that had, especially regarding Wonder Woman herself. For a good portion of the movie, she isn’t Wonder Woman! When she was on screen, Diana would mainly be solving the mystery of the ancient artifact. While this is important, the movie is called Wonder Woman, and should show Diana fighting as Wonder Women for more than a few scenes. Plus, things she did came out of nowhere, like her famous invisible jet. There was little to no introduction to this, she just turns the jet invisible. Also, the golden armor she wears in the promotional material for the movie. They briefly talk about it in one scene then she just wears it in the climax, which was quite disappointing considering how much it appeared in the trailers and movie posters. 

Overall, I would say this movie may not have had that clear a story, but there were some good things in store. This was definitely not a bad movie, but it could use some work, considering its a following to such a beloved superhero movie. In short, I would give it a 6/10 for not being terrible, but having many things holding it back.