Toll on Team Due to Quarantine

Sienna Grant, Staff Writer

Athletes are being quarantined and the effect is not only on them but the team tooMissing a player for one day is different than missing a player for two weeks. Players miss two weeks of practice, two weeks of isolation from coaches and teammates, and both players and supporter miss two weeks of spirit.  

“It affects the team a lot. Right now, it’affecting the psychic more than the actual players on the field.” head football coach, Dane Johnson, said. 

At least four players are replaced every week on varsity due to quarantining. 

At first it’s okay because everybody’s like ‘Next man up, we believe in you, we’re a team, let’s pull together, let’s go,’ but the next week you get hit again. said Johnson “Eventually, everybody’s like ‘Coach everybody is against us and it just kind of weighs you down,” 

 Coaches and players feel at a disadvantage because they do not have a secure team. 

These kids, they’re done a lot together. They’ve worked out early in the morning.” said Johnson “They bled together they sweat together, they fight together and then when that person’s not there anymore, under no fault of their own, after a while it gets demoralizing. That’s kind of the biggest thing it’s done right now to us. It’s just kind of demoralizing us.” 

The coaches are not the only one who are feeling the loss, players are too.   

It’s hurting our team a lot and it’s not going well for my senior year. senior, Seth Moody, said “Every time someone’s quarantined it’s always taking a shot at our motivation.” 

Moody had been previously quarantined for two weeks. 

“I always talk to about how I hated it. I was two weeks gone from football, that’s two games.” said Moody. Whenever I returned, I wasn’t at my full potential because I was very out of shape, and that’s how it usually is.” said Moody. 

Everyone’s schedule, on or off the field is thrown off. There is not enough time for onfield players to adjust to new teammates and players off-field have all the time in the world to adjust, but it is not on the field.  

Footballs a game that everyone has to work together to understand what the other person’s doing. When you plug new players in there every week it’s hard to get that continuity.” said Johnson 

Losing players is frustrating and no one is particularly happy about it, but the process is necessary to ensure student’s safety. 

“I understand why they still send them home because even if you did get tested negative it can still be dormant inside of you.” said Moody “Symptoms won’t show so you could still have, but you could still test negative for it. Two weeks is the max to be on the safe side. 

Being on the safe side is the right side for the current pandemic facing football and the world today.