Twitter and the President: The Need for Professionalism

Donald Trump and his Unprofessional Behavior on Social Media

Maya Gasca

Social media is so easy to use. With just a few clicks, people’s thoughts and opinions can be spread to all over the world. However, with this power, there’s also a great responsibility to use this technology wisely, particularly now when it’s much more difficult to distinguish fact from fictionAnd though this unspoken rule of the Internet applies to everyone, this rule should especially be used by the people of importance and influence, namely the 45th president of the United States. 

This year’s election had been a chaotic one, to say the least. There have been messy presidential debates, spreading of misinformation, and the narrow votes within the battleground states that aren’t completely decided even after the calling of the election. One main contributor to this confusing election, however, has been President Donald Trump himself, particularly on his Twitter. 

Weeks after the election has been called, he has been speaking out on this popular social media site, demanding a recount for the votes. And even with my political beliefs, I can understand a want for complete clarity for this election. What I can’t understand, however, is why he continues to use brash claims on this site, spreading them to almost 89 million followers. 

Within the past three days alone, 22 out of the around 96 tweets and retweets Trump has posted have had an indicator notifying that the information is disputed and could be false. As mentioned before, it is easy to spread misinformation within the media, no matter the intention or if you even knew the information was false. With that being said, it still does not make sense to me that the President of the United States continues to tweet in all capital letters about how he won the election while accusing every Democrat-leaning state of voter fraud.  He may believe that this is the truth, but the level of unprofessionalism he displays is questioning, to say the least. Also mentioned before is his use of all capital letters within a number of his tweets, including the infamous tweet, “STOP THE COUNT!” during election week. Again, while this isn’t a crime or anything, this is still coming from a literal government official, who is representing our nation. 

Now comparDonald Trump’s Twitter to Joe Biden’s. Unlike Trump, Biden has a clear sense of professionalism within his Tweets. His sentences are well put together, and within the past three days, there are zero indicators of false claims. Granted, Biden tweets much less than Trump, with only around 20 tweets and retweets during these three days, but overall, when looking at both Donald Trump’s Twitter and Joe Biden’s Twitter, one shows much more respectability than the other. 

Now do I think Joe Biden is perfect? No. Do I think that Donald Trump should never express his opinions? No. What I do believe, however, is that if someone is going to be the president of our country, our representative to the rest of the world, they need to be professional. But within the past four years of his presidency, Trump does not show this, at least within his social media. 

Within every job, there is an expected way one is supposed to present themselves, with civility and courtesy. Some may not act the same way they do at their job, and that’s perfectly fine. With Trump’s background especially, I understand that this could be hard for him to differentiate. But this still doesn’t allow him, a government official, to act the way he does on social media. In short, we are always taught to think before we post, and I think Donald Trump needs to remember this.