The Finale of the 2020 Presidential Election

The election comes to a close the week of Nov. 3

Shelby Hansen

As the country gathered at the polls to vote on Election Day, tension in the country remained strained. Everything about 2020 has been different, and the election has followed that same precedent. From a new debate strategy to head-to-head votes, the Presidential race between incumbent president Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joseph Biden will finally be coming to a close the week of Nov. 3.  

This election has been extremely different in the form of early voting and mail-in-votes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of early and mail-in ballots have been at a record high. At least 101.9 million Americans voted early nationwide compared to the 47 million that voted early in the 2016 election. In Texas alone, at least 9.7 million ballots were cast early, which is around 50% of registered voters. 5.7% of these Texan early voters voted using a mail-in ballot.  

As a whole, Texas has also had an increase in overall votes. This is mainly due to the increase in Texas population from emigration and the larger voter turnout of young people. In this election, young people have taken to social media more than ever to encourage people to vote and spread awareness over various topics. This social media presence has led to a greater voter turnout, and it may be part of the reason that Texas has become a swing state, which means Texas could become a blue state for the first time since 1976.  

The final results of the election may not be revealed until the end of the week, primarily due to the increase of early voting. Each state has a different policy on when early votes can be counted. Some are counted and processed as soon as the vote is cast, some are counted before but only processed on Election Day, and some, in states such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, are only allowed to be counted and processed on the day of the election. This means that in these states, there will be a delay in the reporting of the votes, making the results come as late as Friday.  

The ultimatum is that Americans are going to have to be patient this week, but this is especially hard for many people due to the close neck-and-neck projections and reported results. However hard it may be to wait, the votes will continue to be counted after Election Day, and the official results will have to wait until later in the week.