Free Falling: A Review of Tickets to My Downfall

Machine Gun Kelly’s poetic tribute to life and family


Sienna Grant

Is the album phenomenal? No, but is it different from anything Colson has released? Yes, and that is what makes it a breakthroughThe album is overall punk-centric but presents hints of trap in tracks all I know, ex’s best friendand can’t look backfeatured on the deluxe edition. Most of the songs are just under 3:00 minutes, with WWIII being a total exception, as it is 1:00 long. Despite the run time, some of the most poetic songs are under 3:00, like nothing inside, body bag, hangover cure, and can’t look back. Songs above the 3:00 mark such as concert for aliensbloody valentinestand out too, but don’t reach the internal level as lonely and play this when I’m gone. Lyrics are repetitive in choruses, but not to the point where they are annoying and no effort.  

Features in each interlude, and/or extend, work well and fit each section’s mood well. Colson experiments with this album and the best part is, so do the listeners. Jawbreaker, for example, the song is produced to where the listener can sing and hear the song however, they please, and that is important when an artist wants to reach their audience.  

The complaints and fixes about this album are faint but should not go unheard. Mentioned before, choruses had repetitive lyrics, but are not annoying, where the line starts to waver is at bridges and outros in songs kiss kiss and drunk facebloody valentine. It could be argued songs title trackconcert for aliens, and jawbreaker do the same, but really listening in Colson’s voice uses a distinct singing technique each time. In title track, in the third line of the outro, Colson’s voice goes up a pitch, in concert for aliens, he holds out the lyric “falling” in the post-chorus, and in the outro of jawbreaker Colson, stutters the lyrics “jawbreaker”. These techniques support the album and the repetitive single lyrics throughout songs.  

The songs are short, most aren’t that meaningful, are about messing around when young, and frequently brought up singles could perceive Tickets to My Downfall as “too short” or not enough, but this is Colson’s first branch out. The lonely, play this when I’m gone, and hangover cure shows him reaching a deeper level. Punk-pop is about having fun, flipping old people off because “they don’t get it,” but it has feelings other than “defiance”. Colson highlights those aspects in all the tracks, whether they’re personal or fun, he even adds his roots of rapping. Tickets To My Downfall, if you buy a ticket, could be read as a failure, but Colson does not fall or fail with this album. He tried something different, something that spoke to him, and ran with it. There is a bunch of other people, from other genres running with him too.