Cowboy’s Come Back

The Dallas Cowboys had their first home game against the Falcons Sept. 23 at AT&T Stadium. Fans, workers and players took many health precautions to keep everyone safe in order for this event to happen during a global pandemic.  

Maribel Castro, Contributor

The biggest gathering in North Texas was held since Covid-19 struct the United States.  The Dallas Cowboys had their first home game at the AT&T Stadium. Due to the pandemic, this home game was not like any other. The event had thinner crowds, due to it only being able to have ticket sales of 25% capacity of stadium seats.

“I was surprised that there were seats still available on line on game day,” long-time fan Wade Bass said.  “I could have bought four tickets together but most of the two seat groupings were sold.”

Other restrictions to keep fans safe where added, fans where required to wear face masks and sit in blocks distanced from other fans and tailgating lots had every other spot blocked off to promote social distancing.  

Even though this home game had many restrictions including cashless transactions, fans where still eager to attend the event and safely cheer on their team.