Karate Kickoff: A Cobra Kai Review

Landon Barron, Author


I went into watching “Cobra Kai” headfirst, not knowing what to expect. Given the name, I was initially under the impression that it was some kind of obscure warrior anime. To my surprise, it couldn’t have been anything further than that.  

Cobra Kai is a series that focuses on the adulthood of John Lawrence and Daniel Larusso, the Karate Kid. The two were childhood karate arch nemesesgrowing up around the Los Angeles area. If there’s any kind of character arc layout you should be aware of as far as the movie itself goes, it’s that John was a part of the big bad group of bullies that ruled the town, and Daniel plays the new kid on the block, the underdog that fights his way to the top.  

John turns out to be a deadbeat drunk, living in an apartment around the same area where he grew up. Daniel on the other hand lives a more “American Dream” lifestyle. He makes good money owning his car dealership with his wife as his partner, lives in a big nice house, and has two privileged children that make the biggest deals out of the slightest inconveniences in their lives. Both men however, cross paths in hopes of training their own students and ruling the present-day karate scene. 

Though the series can be a bit predictable and cheesy and times, I’d personally give it a good overall rating. It always knows exactly how to pull you back in with drama, humor and especially action. If you were looking for any specific critiques, I think the acting throughout the series could’ve been much better, especially when it came to the corny lines that transition into the bleak cut-scenes mostly consisting of training and work outs. Again though, the show overall is pretty addicting and binge-worthy. I recommend this show to anyone who has run out of stuff to watch on Netflix and needs a metaphorical breath of fresh air.