J.R’s dashboard

Student with successful YouTube channel


Kenneth Montano

J.R. shows off his YouTube channel J.R.’s car reviews.

Kenneth Montano, Writer

Senior J.R Hall, the creator of YouTube channel, J.R. ‘s Car Reviews. The channel has gained a total view count of 1 million and growing. His love of cars seems to go farther beyond his YouTube channel. Hall created the channel in January 2016 after he realized he wanted to share his love of cars with others, which started with his dad.

“My dad had an old Mercedes Benz, and he would always take me around the corner, and I would usually fix it up,” Hall said.

This love has extended into a channel focusing on the  interior of the car, but he does glance over the exterior. He even goes in depth on details that many may not think about, for example the shape of the petals or the handle of the car. After watching his videos, it is easy to know every nook and cranny of the car. 

“[The car is a good car] by the way it handles, performs and safety features,” Hall said.

Hall plans to pursue an education by going to Tarrant County College after graduation. There, he will pursue a degree in mechanics.