Why Am I Still Here?: Senioritis

Why Am I Still Here?: Senioritis

Alli Exley, writer

With only one more semester left of our high school career, at least for the seniors, many of us are struck with an “illness” known as senioritis. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, decline in motivation and performance, excessive tardiness, mediocrity, and increased hallway wandering.

I, personally, have fallen victim to lack of motivation (such as taking four weeks to publish this very story), extreme mediocrity, and an uncontrolled amount of tardies and absences. For the past 3 years, I never had unnecessary attendance issues, but come senior year, I’ve been issued warnings regarding my tardies, proving senioritis affects otherwise unproblematic students.

One contributing factor to senioritis is how our education system is set up. Only 26 credits are necessary for graduation, and by the end of junior year, the majority of students have 21 or more credits, meaning most seniors take blowoff classes during the last year of high school.

Some ways to combat senioritis are to maintain a challenging workload, keep a calendar of important deadlines and dates, and avoid obsessing over the college admission process.

Taking AP or dual credit classes and doing well in them can help you place into more advanced courses, graduate early, and spend less on tuition later. Studying a little harder your senior year of high school can make your college life a little easier.

Keeping a calendar of important deadlines and dates can decrease the amount of stress from which you might suffer. It could provide a sense of organization in an otherwise stressful time of your life.

While senioritis sure sounds like a fictitious disease used as an excuse to slack off, it is very much a real issue, and it continues to plague the graduating class each year.