Mario Kart drifts by

Nintendo released a new app, “Mario Kart Tour” in late September. With ninety million downloads, this app lets people relive a childhood classic. Despite the rush nostalgia, many long time Mario Kart players have been enraged by the microtransactions.

 Mobile games that use this loot box mechanic have been dubbed “ Gatcha games” because they try to get you to buy the in-game currency with real money. Games such as Clash Royale, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Brawl Stars are great examples, but these games have a lot more generous drops rates then “Mario kart tour. This game has four levels of rarities for characters gliders, and karts. These four rarities are normal, super rarity, high-end rarity and spotlight rarity. The last two mentioned have a .26% and 1% chance of appearing, but Nintendo has come up with a solution for people to get the commercialized item on their tours.

They programed the summoning to give the player the main event items after hundred  summons. This means that you would have to put around three hundred dollars at most to get these items greatened.

“I think it’s fair, but could be better,” junior John Austin. “This is not the only microtransaction people seem to be mad about.”

The game has come out with a “Gold Pass” that lets you race on 200cc, which makes you drive extremely faster.

”They gotta make money somehow,” Austin said.

The “Golden pass” costs four dollars and ninety-nine cents, this is more money than it cost to buy online for their newest console the switch. For months you will reach how much money they pay in year on top of getting free to play rewards, you get rare characters, drivers, gems or gliders per gift box obtained by getting stars.

Overall, the microtransactions have been controversial, hopefully the company will find a way to satisfy their audience.