Steven universe the movie review

The official Steven Universe Movie

The official Steven Universe Movie

Kenneth Montano, Writer

With a guest voice actor, Sarah Stiles, and amazing voices like Lisa Hammigan, Patti Lupone and Estelle this movie is surprisingly, terrible.


The main problem with this movie is the new character Spinel, and how she is handled throughout the whole movie. At the end of the movie it is revealed that she is made for entertainment. This makes the actions she does at the beginning of the movie questionable.When she is first introduced in the film she fights the main character of the show, and manages to win. This is bad writing, because the crystal gems have been part of a ten thousand years war, so they have plenty of experience fighting. Even the youngest, Steven, has 2 years of experience in combat. Even though he only has 2 years of combat he still has more then Spinel! Spinel has no training when it comes to fighting ,so when she wins without much of a struggle it feels like it’s forced just to advance the plot. Luckily, in the same scene she sings one of the best songs in the entire movie, combined with the best animation in the movie easily. Sadly, that’s not the only problem with the scene.

The scene also leaves unanswered questions that cannot be ignored. This scene introduces the rejuvenator and the injector, and the audience is never told how a gem like her was able to obtain such deadly weapons. On top of that, the injector just magically controlled by her voice. This makes the events that happen after this movie extremely unbelievable, and over all comes of as rushed. Spinel is not the only other character who feels off.

The previously mentioned rejuvenator was used on the main cast and gave them amnesia and factory reset them. One of the characters affected was Garnet, a fusion made of a Sapphire and Ruby. In the episode “The answer” we see how they met and fused into Garnet. Sapphire has the power to see one posable future out of the millions and follows it throughout their entire existence. Ruby changed that and fused with her trying to save her from some gem rebels. This let her see all possible outcomes of the future. Sapphire fell in love with Ruby because she changed her life. When we get to the scene in the movie where ‘shenanigans ensue’ as Sapphire said, soon afterwards ruby is in great danger because she’s about to be crushed. Sapphire breaks her future by saving her, this is a great parallel but it just doesn’t fit her character before she becomes garnet.

This movie is extremely entertaining, but I cannot overlook the plot holes it contains. I would give this movie a score of 7 out of 10 for its overdone plot and lackluster villain.