Internet-working the way to nationals

Student advances to SkillsUSA finals


Megan Barrett, Staff Writer

After winning first place in the SkillsUSA state competition for Internetworking, senior Mark Meza became eligible to advance to nationals. At this competition, Meza will compete against other state champions in Louisville, Kentucky on June 24-28.  

The Internetworking competition is divided into three parts: network design, networking knowledge, and a hands-on evaluation. Here, Meza had to design a networking system, take an online written test to test his knowledge over internetworking, and troubleshoot systems, configure routers, and deliver customer service over network errors.

“I’m pretty proud of myself,” Meza said. “There was a lot of days that I spent after school practicing and it paid off. I’m pretty confident I can place high in the nationals.”

The purpose of SkillsUSA and its competitions is to help students from across the country gain experience needed for going into the future workforce of trade, skill, and technical jobs. They also hold a WorldSkills competition every two years that sends the most talented students across the globe into an Olympic-style event.

“This will be my first time for a student advancing to Nationals,” Information Technology teacher Michael Richey said. “Mark is a very talented person. Networking comes natural to him. He is like a star running back: I gave him the football, and he ran with it.”