4,475 miles to march

Band students travel to Ireland


Courtesy photo

Kora Ramirez, Staff Writer

Painted faces, cheering crowds, and exhaustion is what several SHS band students raced to sign up for when given the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland to play in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17. The band was in Ireland from March 10-18.

As the band arrived at the airport to board their 11 hour flight to Dublin, Ireland, turbulence wasn’t the only thing that hit them.

“Traveling to a foreign country felt strange, but never really sunk in until after we landed,” sophomore Robert Bullin said.

While the round trip per student was $3,500, the students had been paying a percentage every month for about two school years to pay for the trip.

“Even though I had known for so long, the experience was even more than I had imagined it would be,” sophomore Shelby Hansen said.

While the band wasn’t practicing, the students made use of their spare time by doing some sightseeing.

“We visited the Cliffs of Moher, Kilkenny Castle, and some local mountains, sheep herders, and diners around Dublin,” Bullin said.

March 17, on the day of the parade, the band celebrated throughout the day, then represented SHS by marching through the entire parade, which took about two hours.

“It was a really cool feeling,” Hansen said. “Of course it was exhausting because it was a long parade, but it was easy to feed off of the crowd’s energy.”