UIL students advance to regionals


Brooke Thornton, Editor-in-Chief

Students raced vigorously against the clock, writing as fast as their hands would let them. Suddenly, time was up, and just hours later the winners were announced. On Saturday, March 30, several SHS students competed in the district UIL competition at Colleyville-Heritage High School with events beginning as early as 8 a.m. and lasting until late in the afternoon. As a school, Saginaw placed third out of nine schools, with many individuals winning their events and two teams winning their overall category.

Many students practiced all year in preparation for Saturday’s competition. Events included everything from computer science to feature writing to persuasive speaking. Students who placed first, second, or third in their event will advance to the regional UIL competition at Texas Tech University in Lubbock on April 12-13.

“I’m excited to see the campus of Texas Tech,” sophomore Shelby Hansen said. “It’s really beautiful, and the surroundings make me less nervous when I’m about to compete. Going to state is something that I really want in my high school career, so the surroundings really make a difference in my performance.”

As a team, the journalism competitors won first in the journalism category, which consists of news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, headline writing, and copy editing. This was the first year copy editing has been included in the district UIL competition and seniors Brooke Thornton and Megan Barrett won second and fifth place in that event.

“The time constraint made me feel really pressured,” Barrett said. “I was second-guessing myself the whole time, but I feel like I did okay.”

Following the regionals competition, students who place first, second, or third in an event will advance to the state UIL competition in Austin on May 2-4 at the University of Texas at Austin.



Computer Applications:

  • 2nd place – David Cohen
  • 4th place – Colton Aquino
  • 6th place – Kyricc Borgmann

Copy Editing:

  • 2nd place – Brooke Thornton
  • 5th place – Megan Barrett

Computer Science:

  • 1st place – David Cohen
  • 2nd place – Steven Le
  • 5th place – Kyricc Borgmann

Feature Writing:

  • 1st place – Brooke Thornton

Headline Writing:

  • 1st place – Brooke Thornton
  • 2nd place – Bailey Utterback
  • 3rd place – Travis Flippo

Informative Speaking:

  • 4th place – Jordan Kankam
  • 5th place – Miranda Garcia
  • 6th place – Levi Fortune

News Writing:

  • 1st place – Shelby Hansen
  • 4th place – Brooke Thornton

Persuasive Speaking:

  • 3rd place – Joshua Jimenez
  • 4th place – Alexa Ventura

Poetry Interpretation:

  • 5th place – Jordan Kankam

Prose Interpretation:

  • 4th place – Grant Eskew


  • 1st place – Steven Le


Computer Science – 1st place

Journalism – 1st place