Hitting the links with varsity golfer

Fathan Kelley, Staff Writer

Varsity girls golfer Malisone Chanthapanya scored the lowest of all golfers that played that day with a 76 on Feb. 5. Last season she placed 9th during the State tournament with a score of 77 on the first day and 73 on the second day.

How long have you been playing golf? Nine years.

What makes a good golf player in your opinion? Being able to stay calm on the golf course and getting good shots and practicing constantly.

How do you prepare for games? I practice everyday and [see] what I need to work on specifically.

How did you get in to golf? My dad saw it on a website.

What is the lowest score you’ve gotten? 71, during the summer.

What is the highest score you’ve gotten? Like 120 when I first started playing.

What are your plans for the future? College golf and if I wanted to go further, yeah.

Does your family play golf? My brother does but no one else does, and I play with him all the time.

Do you play any other sports? Tennis.

What are the challenges you have faced as a golf player of your level? Practicing a lot and not hanging out with people.

What does it mean to be on the girls golf team?

It means to have fun and win state and regionals together.”