Lifetime decision

Student decides on college


Sara Smith

Sara Smith, Junior Reporter

Ever since Misti Guiterrez was young, she had big dreams of becoming a doctor. Taking Principles of Health as a freshman and continuing with AP classes into her senior year is leading Misti to decide on what college she is going to attend. Guiterrez has choices of UNT, Texas Woman’s, Baylor and Texas Tech University.

There colleges are all equal choices for her but the one she chooses will be based on tuition and location. Misti wants to attend medical school after college, she wants to major in Biology to become an Obstetrician Gynecologist (OBYGN).

“I think it would be fun to lead and inspire people to also be leaders,” Guiterrez said.

Misti spends most of her time as a drum major in band, she was inspired to start band when she was in elementary school and has been pursuing it ever since. The college Guiterrez chooses will weigh if she participates in band or not.

“For once to be in the student section would be exciting because I have gone to every football game in the band,” Guiterrez said.

As of right now Misti is taking all Ap classes because she wants to challenge herself and be independent. She is taking four ap classes in her senior year being ap calc, ap economics, ap biology and ap English.

“I like to challenge myself because I know I can handle it,” Guiterrez said.